In the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan


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The side altar is of walnut. It at one time served as the high altar and has the date 1709 carved on the front.
The monuments nearby also shown in the photo on the
right, relate to the Jones family of nearby Fonmon Castle.
The chancel arch is the oldest part of the fabric and dates from about 1200.

On the north wall of the chancel are two memorials in alabaster to members of the Lewis family of Penmark Place. They were great benefactors and their gift of a remarkable chalice and flagon are on loan to the National Museum of Wales.
The side altar and adjacent monuments
St Mary’s Church in the heart of the village is the most significant building at Penmark.

The interior is 100 feet long and the height of the barrel vault 26 feet. These are unusually large proportions for a church in the Vale and is perhaps due to the fact that it was originally the garrison church for the Umfravilles.

The font is of plainest Norman work and like the Tower Arch date from about 1400. The ringing loft is lit by a 15th century window and the present ringing floor was added at the end of the 19th century. The tenor bell is about 9 cwt and was cast by William Ruddall of Gloucester.